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A Serbian Lie Has Short Legs!
Publikuar më 21 prill, 2010 nė orėn 20:44 ( ) Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hyseni | English |
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*** Vuk Jeremic: ““This place, Kosovo, is our Jerusalem; you just can’t treat it any other way than our Jerusalem,” he said.”(See: The New York Times, 01.15.2010).

This is a biggest political and diplomatic lie which was saying in Belgrade by Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic, that “Kosovo is Serbs Jerusalem”!

However, it’s not nothing a new thing to be surprised and nothing worried as well, because is based on Dobrica Cosic’s (Foremr President of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia 1992–1993) philosophic political definition that a lie is Serb’s natural, ethical, professional, normal and obsession justified life act: ” A lie, trait of our patriotism. We lie to deceive ourselves, to console others, we lie for mercy, we lie to fight fear, to encourage ourselves, to hide our and somebody else's misery. We lie for love and honesty. We lie because of freedom. Lying is a trait of our patriotism and the proof of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively and inventively." (See:

Also, Serbian famous and nationalist writer and academic Dobrica Cosisic, said :” A lie is Serbian state interest. A lie is on Serb self-being. At last, each lie in Serbia become truth. Through up to now history, Serbs have been escaped themselves many times thank to their lie.”

But Serbs have forgotten a very important thing that in human beings life and politics too, there is nothing for ever, everything is relative and changeable (like the weather) except Serbs lies, racism and ethnocentrism toward their neighbors such as Albanians, Croatians, Bosnian Muslims etc., in order that to grab their territories and to destroy them systematically, biologically and physically from their indigenous lands by centuries.

This is a main reason why none in the world should not believe Serbs and Serbia because they’re unimproved liars and racists. They have never been democrats and peaceful people in Balkans, only predators and nefarious man toward Croatians, Albanians and Bosnian Muslims intently to annex and colonise their autochthonous territories in name of the re-enlargement of the Great Serbia. That was reason why Serbia and paranoid Serbs leaded by Slobodan Milosevic (influenced and pushed by Serbian Academy of Science and Arts in Belgrade, and by Serbian Orthodox Church) did three last aggressions and genocides against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1991-1999). And, after that Serbian Government, Serbian Orthodox Church and Serbs try impudently to blame and accuse Croatians, Bosnian Muslims and Albanians for their dirty and inhumanity wars did against all of them.

Serbia’s a lie has no legs, Kosovo is Albanian legal property, not Serbian at all!

This is a truth by reason of, historically, Kosovo was a Serbian classic colony in the heart of the Europe(1912-1999), not at all Serbs provocative “Jerusalem” as Serbia’s foreign minister avows in his interview given to the New York Times’ correspondent in Belgrade Nicholas Kulish, published in the New York Times, January 15, 2010.

Yes, Kosovo is Albanians Jerusalem in Balkans, but not Serbs at all.

However, Jeremic’s political comparison of Kosova with Jerusalem is his a biggest mendacity and mistake because of the fact that historically Kosovo has been and still is legal part of the Ethnic Albania (not of the “Great Albania”, made in by ideologists and makers of Great Serbia/Velika Serbia/ such as was Ilija Garasanin with his Great Serbian Nationalistic Project “Nacertanija” of 1844).

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic could consider himself as a genius in Serbian diplomacy and politics that’s his problem, I don’t give a hoot, but as regard as Kosovo issue he still doesn’t have any valuable elementary acknowledgement, otherwise he wouldn’t have said “Kosovo is Serbs Jerusalem, or Kosovo is Serbs cradle and soul”, on account of historically and legally Kosovo belong to the Ethnic Albania and Native Albanians in Balkans.

If Vuk Jeremic pretend to be a good Serbian diplomat and good European democrat and realist, first of all he must learn much more Balkans history, especially Albanian, Croatian and Bosnian Muslim’s history which through centuries has been written wrong, sophisticated and misinterpreted by Serbian quasi state politics, scientific and Serbian Orthodox Church as well, with intention to erase and hide any trace of the historical truth of Albanians, Croatians and Bosnian Muslims in Balkans.

Lastly, Serbia’s foreign minister Vuk Jeremic, must know the fact that after Serbia’s aggression and genocide in Kosovo (1989-1999) a Serbs lie doesn’t work more because it has no legs as a historical, political, diplomatic, propagandistic, juristic and scientific valuable argument because Kosovo has gotten independence and sovereignty on February 17, 2008, recognized by the United States and European Union, and the other countries of the international community.

In this case nor the United States nor European Union didn’t make any legal mistake but they have been acted according to the historical law of Albanians upon Kosovo, and international law, also.

Now, Serbia leaded by it’s president Boris Tadic and his former high school student (now foreign minister) Vuk Jeremic, could activate and intensify any their POSTFESTUM diplomatic battle to bring back Kosovo under Serbia’s colonial sovereignty (1912-1999), or at least to divide Albanian Kosovo, importing Cyprus-like scenario, but this unreal and non-pragmatic Great Serbian scenario won’t be acceptable neither by Washington and Bruxelles diplomacy nor by Pristina’s Albanian diplomacy.

Apart from Serbia’s desire still to hold Kosovo entire as its colony, or to split northern Kosovo, won’t have more any kind of international debates related to Kosovo’s political status because of it is closed for the United States and European Union in February 17, 2008.

By Dr.Mehdi Hyseni

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