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Great Serbian diplomacy Wants “Informal Relationship” With Vlora, But Without Recognizing Kosovo as an Independent State !?
Publikuar më 31 mars, 2016 nė orėn 02:02 ( ) Prof. Dr. Mehdi Hyseni | English |
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*** For Kosovo Ambassador Vlora Ēitaku in Washington, I have this my sincere political suggestion: Even if Serbian ambassador in Washington, Gjergj Matcovich send or brings any gift for you, be careful, don’t receive it because could be poisoned by Serbian-Russian diplomatic content which means that Moscow and Belgrade politically and diplomatically are fighting to return back Albanian Kosovo under colonial and genocidal rule of Serbia (1912-1999).

This peril confirmed and Serbia’s president Tomislav Nikolic who participate at the 26th African Union Summit “2016: African Year of Human Rights with a particular focus on the rights of women”, which is held it in the capital city Addis Ababa of the Ethiopia (01/30/ -02/01/ 2016).

At this Summit, in his speech, among others , Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic, said: “ That the recognition of Kosovo as an independent state has served as a model for those who have formed an Islamic state (ISIS). Serbia will never recognize Kosovo's independence because so-called state of Kosovo was created by terrorism…” (

Hereinto Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic without any valid arguments blame both Kosova and the United States and its European western allies (NATO) that together have been recognized Kosova as an independent state which Serbia still considering as its “legal territory” according to its Constitution of 2006 that says “Kosovo is a province of Serbia”.

Nonsensical Serbian diplomacy and politics

Serbian Ambassador Matkovic like his president Tomislav Nikolic, does not recognize Kosovo, but he wants to be in “touch” with Kosovo ambassador in Washington(!?)

Serbia’s ambassador in Washington “Gjergj Matkovic said he has an informal relationship with Kosovo’s envoy in Washington, Vlora Ēitaku, “but nothing official.”(

This is a Serbian diplomatic lie in Washington because of the fact that Vlora Ēitaku isn’t a “Kosovo’s envoy”, but a Kosovo’s Ambassador. However, ambassador Gjergj Matkovic should take into account the fact that anti-Albanian Serbian diplomacy, politics and propaganda can’t get away with historical and political lie because the truth will always come out that Kosovo has never been Serbian legal territory, but just an illegal colonial plunder (1912-1999).

He can say whatever he wants, but I don’t believe that Serbian ambassador Gjergj Matkovic has “an informal relationship” with Vlora Ēitaku while he doesn’t recognize her as Kosovo’s Ambassador, but only as “an envoy” that means Matkovic doesn’t recognize independent state of Kosovo as do not recognize as well as his President Tomislav Nikoliq, Prime Minister Alexandar Vucic and Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic of Republic of Serbia that still considers “Kosova as a legal part of Serbia” according to Serbia’s Constitution of 2006.
Having in regard that, come what may, Serbian politicians and diplomats like Gjergj Matkovic should be aware that Serbia has lost its colonial plunder-Kosova (24 March 1999).
Therefore, would be so benefit to Gjergj Matkovic’s “informal diplomacy” to drive something home about Kosova's lesson, that has never been a legal part of the Serbia's territory.

Hereupon, would be helpful for Serbia to recognize Kosovo as soon as possible in order to establish and normalize relationships with independent, sovereign and democratic state of Kosovo. This would be the real diplomacy and realpolitik of Serbia, not "informal individual contacts" nowhere be it in Washington or Belgrade.

By Mehdi Hysen,Ph.D.

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